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After years of alternating between its Fort Lauderdale and Bangkok offices, THOCBDC kept gradually forcing its thumb down on the Bangkok side of the scale. It's now official: Bangkok's Athenee Residence has become the permanent home.

Latest update (February 29, 2016): That's All!

On January 23 in bygone years:

1998: Cindy and Annie

  • In 1997, we had a very long flight at Château d'Oex, both in terms of time elapsed and distance covered. Not much else happened, aside from the usual excellent meals.
  • In 1998, we finally had astonishingly beautiful weather. The two Corkscrew Balloons floated near each other, and the passengers pelted one another with interbasket missiles of our inflight lunch. At night, the weekend festival was in full swing, and pretty girls united with pilots.
  • In 1999, after a review of the weekend's crop of marriageable women in the International Herald Tribune, another Château d'Oex festival began with the first day of flights.
  • In 2000, vast quantities of snow landed on the little village of Château d'Oex overnight. Once again, there would be no Screwmaid launch. Instead, we went to the local playground and played in the snow.
  • In 2001, when the Château d'Oex weather took a turn for the worse, we headed east to Gstaad for some shopping and lunching. In the evening: pizza at La Croix d'Or in Les Moulins.
  • In 2002, activities at Chateau d'Oex were too busy for a journal.
  • In 2003, Catherine Riesgo was identified.
  • In 2004, there was a handcart mishap behind the Shangri-La.
  • In 2005, there was a strange haze over Bangkok.
  • In 2006: back in Florida, post-Wilma.
  • In 2007: a look at the original clubhouse for the Mercedes Benz Club of Thailand.
  • In 2008, River Garden's Spirit House was freshly repainted.
  • In 2009, Bangkok's tolerant building codes allow for some interesting structures.
  • In 2010, a nearby circus was taking shape.
  • In 2011, a strong Bangkok internet signal permitted a more detail Hua Hin trip review.
  • In 2012, Chris brought late Mythmas gifts.
  • In 2013, Lumpini Park tried its best to compensate for traffic pollution.
  • In 2014, they were here.
  • In 2015: visiting the Central Embassy shopping mall.
  • In 2016, there were night shots.

Random Beach Scene
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Bunny du Jour

Tom Claytor
Tom Claytor

Visit Elephant Polo Player Tom Claytor's Everest 2010 Site

The Torture Museum

Over the years, has visited The Medieval Torture Museum in San Gimignano, Italy, several times. The PearLinks to various travel journals and photos from those visits can be found in our miscellaneous pages.

Due to popular demand, we added a whole new section featuring this Tuscan institution! Included are illustrations and descriptions of several devices on display at the museum. Those who are interested in this field of endeavor will definitely want to take a virtual tour through these pages.

There are now four Corkscrew Balloons! You can see the development of this new balloon though the photo shoot with balloon model Jan and Sian's subsequent masterful design work ... as all is revealed in Alf's February 2002 Journal, in Part III and Part IV. Also available: construction photos and pix of the balloon's first inflation.


Cleverly disguised under the cover of RUDIMENTARY ECONOMICS is hidden a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from the late 1800s. 1885 to be exact. The first clipping apparently is from April, the last from January 26, 1886. A few are out of chronological order.

It is a scrapbook of sadness, gore, tragedy, woe, wasted lives, bloodlettings, shootings, live burials and fatal fogs. Little things that will make your own life a little peppier ... perhaps, perhaps not.

Part I of my "re-clippings" includes seventy-three stories I clipped in June and July of 2001; Part II contains several additional entries from August.

See also The Latin Reader ... another textbook pasted over with gory news stories from long ago.

BangkokHundreds of photos created by Annie Erickson are available throughout this corkscrew-balloon site. A few select ones are presented at Anyone who is missing Thailand might want to review a portfolio of digital photos Annie shot in Bangkok a few years ago.

You might also want to check out Annie's North Korea portfolio.

Corkscrews in Virginia

The Annual General Meeting of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts for 2003 took place in Roanoke, Virginia.

Dessert Tart
Tart du Jour, Click for More

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

(Since September 2, 2009)

Click for Details

Athenee Residence

The Athenee Residence is the new Asian Headquarters for The House of Corkscrew-Balloon Dot Com. As the building went from breaking ground to final touches, we monitored its construction progress and provided updates.

2007 Journals

The old journals become more fun to revisit with each passing year, as we look back on them with some perspective. Years from now, these will be the primary resources of historians.

We recently took a look back at 2007. There are lots of travels, lots of dinners, trips back and forth between Bangkok and Fort Lauderdale ... and more.

And you can revisit the following years, too. We invite you to live in the past!

Or ... take a look at a travel journal, from sometime in the past several years, that we've selected just for you: Your random journal was written by Alf, and it's ... Corkscrew Conference in France, September 1997!

On the Road to Hong Kong

In the summer of 2003, Alf and Watcharee, along with Pom and Golf, went to Hong Kong to do some shopping for Screwless Tuskers apparel.

Northern European Tour 2002

During the first few weeks of May 2002, Alf and Paul counted down the days leading up to the Northern European Ballooning and Zeppelining Adventure. First, logging in from Thailand, Alf created another Bangkok Journal. Then, on May 17, Alf passed the journal pen to Paul in the United States, for a short Silverdale Journal.

The amazing Northern European Ballooning and Zeppelining Adventure included visits to Berlin, Sweden, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg! Paul's Journal tells the story, with selections from two thousand digital photos snapped during the trip. There was so much to report, updates are still being added to this day.

Most recent addition: entries for June 10 and 11, including Alf's sudden change in plans.

Screwmaids at Pushkin

Return to France

After Russia: Alf's Journal covers the spontaneous post-Russia trip to France for a week of ballooning, and it concludes with an Air France flight to Bangkok, and dinner back home at the Oriental Hotel.

Watcharee and Marie-Aurelie

Main Polo PageThe Screwy Tuskers elephant polo team competed in numerous World Cup matches over the years. In 2003, the world of competitive elephant polo saw the introduction of a "sister" team, the Screwless Tuskers.

Details of both teams' exciting matches, along with their tasteful fashions, can be found at our main polo page.

The Corrections Museum

Join The House of Corkscrew Balloon as it presents a rare glimpse into Thailand's Corrections Museum ... one of the least-visited tourist attractions in Bangkok.


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